Tips for preserving and polishing wooden furniture

Wood is a material familiar in the house. To keep your wooden furniture fresh, beautiful and durable, you can consult the following tips:

- When the floor is tarnished you may need Chinese tea then soaked in the towel and wipe up the floor is clean wood.

- If you want to lighten the varnish on the furniture, you may need a little milk and wipe on varnish and let it dry. Then use a scrub brush with water. With this method, the varnish will be hard and shiny.

- You may also need beer and soft cloth, and then use the towel to wipe the wood and eventually wipe them dry with a towel. Your furniture will shine and you will be surprised.

- Remove the stain was a long time: You let a few drops of oil into a little white wax, testament to the melted wax. Then, this wax is applied to the stain and rubs hard with a towel.

- When you want to clean the stains caused by flies on furniture, use a little flour mixed with oil, making it consistency, apply the stain and clean with cloth. Finally, wash with water and polish.

- When you want to clean the stain stick on the supplies of wood that has not been varnished, first, try mixing one type of water to clean by the formula: 10 grams of salt + 90 grams of bleach (soude de caustique) + 1 liter of water. After that, you take broom is made of coconut sheath and seep into this type of water and sweep up the wood products that has not been varnished. For a long time, you wash with water and wipe dry with a soft and clean cloth.

- If you want to make your small wooden things shiny as new, you can get cotton osmotic pine oil (essence de terebenthine) clean up nicely. Then let it dry and polish it.

- If you want to disappear the white blisters on the table with varnished wood, use a cloth soaked in paraffine oil and lightly rubs blisters. Then, using a pine oil type up and polishing by cloth.

- If you want to cover cracks, holes in the floor, you get glue mixed with fine sawdust, mix it well, boil for hot, plastered on the openings, flattened surface. If the wood floor have varnish, you must use varnish to spread paint on the place was closed for the same color.


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