Feng Shui Corlor - If You are Earth...

If you are the Earth, you should use earth yellow tones, brown color, plus you can use in combination with pink color, red color, purple color (Fire make Earth). Green color is the intolerance that you should be avoided (Wood break Earth). 
If you are the Earth, you should choose clothing, decorative objects that they are warm colors like red, pink, orange color. You should choose vignettes are more textured zigzag pattern, sharp image. You should have glasses with pink, red and the shape of glasses is triangles or similar. Hair should be short, crisp hair, youthful style. You should use shoes have spearhead and pointed slightly upward. 
Light brown color is the color of the Earth, it creates a tight feeling, help you control your emotions. Light brown color usually used for painting the walls, wooden floor... Although the light brown color is not outstanding, but it is the color helps you stay relaxed, pleasant when exposed. 
Yellow is the color of the Earth. The yellow color makes the room glow. It is the color of sunlight, the color of fun and dynamic. Yellow always make the space become brighter and more open. Yellow is the perfect choice for children's rooms as well as living space for the whole family.

According to Feng Shui, if you are Earth, Fire make Earth, so when you set bed follow the direction of Fire, which is the North East, South, and Southwest.

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