Feng Shui Color - If You are Wood...

According to Feng Shui, Wood always fresh and healthy. Wood always brings in new resources for health and growth. In the ancient concept of Feng Shui, Wood offers ways to support the wealth and prosperity. Feng Shui Wood's direction is east and southeast.
If you are Wood, you should use green color, brown color or blue color. Also, you can use black color, dark blue color (Water make Wood). You should not use the white tones and metallic colors (Metal break Wood)
Brown color raised the energy source. Brown color is the best choice for doors, kitchen and wood wall in the living room or bedroom.
You should not use more brown color in the children's room, you should not use more brown color in the southwest of your home. A space has too many brown color will make you lose ambition and purpose in life. So you should balance the rate of brown color with other colors in the room.
Green color represents the fresh, clean and green color brings excitement to a new starting point. Green color has a positive impact on health. Green color helped push back the worry and it regains your balance in a natural way.
When using the green, you should combine several different shades to get the most effective. The best way to use green color for home decoration is to use trees
Green should be used in the east, southeast and south in the Feng Shui direction of Wood.

If you are Wood, you should use clothing, jewelry, furniture, decorative objects that they have more black color, dark purple color. They should have a soft texture, they have many curves. You should have long hair with a pair of black glass and round glasses. Your shoes should have a round nose.


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