Decorate the bedroom for the newly married couple

1. Color:
The color of the room to avoid cold tones, it often feels cold, lonely. For newly married couples, you can use bright colors, vibrant, and then use light color. Pink, red often will make people excited.

Starting need excitement but if prolonged it can cause stress, inhibition. The warm and light colors will create feeling of serenity, comfort. After a day of hard work, you find that comfort is extremely important.

2. Wedding photos:

Many people like a lot of wedding photos hanging on the wall. Immediately after the wedding, we often immersed in a sweet, wonderful married life. But some time later the room that it has so many wedding photos will make us the illusion that we always require a partner to be perfect.

You should know that with time, people and things will change. If you want your marriage is strong, couples need to change together. So you just hang a wedding photo on the wall behind the bed is sufficient.

3. Furniture neatly arranged:

Furniture neatly arranged will make you feel comfortable, new. Clutter can affect negatively to the luck of the couple's life 

4. The ornaments in the room:

You can decorate each pair of objects such as pairs of vases, pair of hyacinth vases ... The decorations that need to be perfect for good luck and have fun. You should not display the sculptures of monsters, horror ... as these will affect the harmony of the couple