Home Decorating - Colors and Feng Shui

In decoration, our hobbies and personality always have a great influence to the selection of colors. But the color choice is not an easy task. We often wonder in the coordinating colors together or selecting a suitable color. You can refer to a neighbor's apartment or in a magazine and easily choose a suitable color.

However, when you need your own unique creation, creating the highlights in each of your spaces, the problem becomes more difficult. Sometimes you also ask yourself that selected color really suits you, gives you lots of joy, luck and an abundance of health, or not. And to get the answer, you need to pay attention to Feng Shui principles in the selection and use of color.

Colors in Feng Shui mainly aim to balance yin and yang energy to achieve perfect harmony. Yin is the dark colors, quiet, absorbed and Yang is bright colors, motion, and reflected color. Color is the oscillation wave and whether consciously or unconsciously, we all react to them.

When you want to use colors in Feng Shui, you should apply the principles of yin-yang balance. Particularly, the selection of colors depending on your destiny and they also correspond to each position and orientation in the house:

1. Your destiny is Metal: You should use bright color and color of iridescent white, additionally you can also combine with brown, yellow because these colors generated prosperity (Yellow - Earth generates Metal).These are colors will always bring joy and luck to you. However, if your destiny is metal, you should not use pink, red, purple (Pink - Wood incompatible with Metal)

2. Your destiny is Water: You should use the black, dark blue colors, in addition, you can combine with the white and metallic colors (White - Metal generates Water). You should not use the yellow-brown, brown (Yellow - Earth incompatible with Water)

3. Your destiny is Wood: You should use the green, in addition, you can combine with the black, dark blue (Black - Water generates Wood). You should not use the white and metallic colors (White - Metal incompatible with Wood)

4. Your destiny is Fire: You should use the red, pink, purple colors, in addition, you can combine with the green (Green - Wood generates Fire). You should not use the black, dark blue colors (Black - Water incompatible with Fire)

5. Your destiny is Earth: You should use the yellow-brown, brown colors, in addition, you can combine with red, pink, purple colors (Pink - Fire generates Earth). You should not use the green (Green - Wood incompatible with Earth)

Colors can make you feel comfortable, happy and increase vitality. It can also make you feel stress and decreased vitality. The decoration according to Feng Shui is closely related to your choice of color and how you coordinate these colors together.

If you know how to coordinate the colors properly, you will have a warm, highly effective decorated space. You also need to know that the color also corresponds to the position and direction in your home to achieve efficiency in decorating:

1. East appropriate use of red.
According to Feng Shui, red symbolizes joy, luck, enthusiasm and courage. Therefore, Therefore, if the red objects (example: red wooden sculpture, red statue, red carpet) are displayed towards the East of your house will make your house full of life. It is also beneficial for your career and your studies.

2. South appropriate use of green.
According to Feng Shui, the south meant spiritual and social. In this direction, you should actively use the green; decorate the room with green plants. So it just increases the aesthetic value both to promote the development of your social relationships.

3. West appropriate use of yellow.
According to Feng Shui, West is symbolic of the career and fortune. If the yellow or orange items (example: yellow quartz, yellow blinds or the yellow wall) are decorated towards the West of your house it will bring more prosperity and the luck for you.

4. North appropriate use of red-orange.
According to Feng Shui, North holds the relationship between husband and wife. Red-orange represents the idea of emotional excitement. If you want the couple's love deep and harmony, bedroom in the north of your home should be decorated with red-orange lamp, red-orange carpet or red-orange blankets and pillows. So, your couple will always be happy and harmonious.

The choice of colors in the decoration is not simple. But if you understand the basic principles of color in Feng Shui, things will become easier. If you choose well, you'll have a house, a room is really suitable for you, helping you and your family has a happy life, wealth and prosperity.


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