Easy to clean the kitchen

You have to work hard cleaning the kitchen and the utensils? We would like to tell you a few tips to help job easier.

For the dishwashing becomes easier, add a few tablespoons of vinegar into the dishwashing liquid. Vinegar will help clean away grease faster, while making dishes look bright and clean. 

To wash the stain of food in the microwave, please spread a little salt on the stain when it just sticks to the microwave. Wait until cooled microwave, use damp sponge to clean. 

To clean sponge, clean it with water then put it in the microwave when it's wet. When you see steam from the sponge evaporates, that is when the bacteria are dead. Be careful and take out the sponge from the microwave, because it is very hot. Clean the sponge again before using. Note: this only applies to the sponge does not have components made ​​of metal. 

To clean the stain on the glass, cup or kettle, give a little vinegar and bring to boil. Keep boiling vinegar for 10 minutes and rinse with clear water. 

To clean dirt in the pot of tea or coffee stains, use a cloth dipped in a little lemon juice and cleaning, to overnight and then wash with soap. 

To lighten the sink, use a half cup of salt mixed with water in the sink and use half lemon scrub clean the inside of the sink. Wait 10 minutes and rinse with water. 

To avoid the plastic box marred by sour foods, you can apply vegetable oils inside the box before feeding into the box. 

To clean the surface of the stove, use 1 part bleach mixed with 3 parts water, put into a spray bottle. This liquid will clean the dirt and disinfect the surface of the stove. 

To reduce the smell of food in the kitchen, using absorbent cotton with vanilla flavor, put in refrigerator or in the kitchen to deodorant.

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