Feng Shui for Children's Bedrooms - The Best Advices

Dear friends, I believe you are like me, you will feel extreme happiness when your baby is born. And since that day, you always want the best things will come to your child and you're willing to do anything to bring to your loved children a happy life. I believe you are doing everything to your children to eat good food, wear beautiful clothes, studying in a school of good quality and your children are growing up in a most healthy, most ideal environment. Also because of these reasons that you are building an ideal family for your children: a family filled with love and laughter. You also do not forget to build for your child a small room in your home. You also did not forget a small room reserved for your child, a lovely room that later when your child grow up, they will always remember it as the memories of a fantastic childhood.

So, how to get an ideal room for your child? The best advice is: you should apply the Feng Shui principles to decorate your child's bedroom. The application of Feng Shui principles for children's bedrooms will help your child have a healthy life, happy, intelligent, and creative and be successful later. And here are the best advices:

1. General principles:
According to Feng Shui, everything around has certain influence to the white soul of your child. Therefore, you should consider building a diverse environment, with many colors to create positive effects for children's development. The most important thing of your child's bedroom is a function of the room to help them get a free, quiet space to have a free, comfortable space to learn, play and rest. Therefore, when choosing decoration according to Feng Shui, you have to make room for the individual function through a combination of colors, lighting, furniture and decorative items.

2. Location of the room:
Bedroom location of your child depends on their age. If your child is too young, the baby's room should be located close to the parents' bedroom. After 10-year-old, children's room should not be located very close to their parent’s room to get a private life.
In addition, should you choose for your child the room with much light, cool and quiet?
Your child's room should not be placed in the center of the house, it will make the house unbalanced, make negatively affected to the luck of the house and not good for your child. At the center of the house, you should place the living room or bedroom of your own if you are the owner.
Your child's bedroom is the room with sunlight shining so they can absorb various energy sources for growth. Therefore, you should place your baby's room towards the east or southeast of the house. You can also put your child's bedroom towards the west, sun in the afternoon is also very good but this position is not suitable for children's amusement.

3. Child's bed position:
According to Feng Shui for children's bedrooms, if that was the only child in the family, your child's bed should be placed in the same direction with the bed of the parents. If you have two or more children living together is a room, you should place the child's bed in the same direction with each other to make the baby close and harmonious. When you place your baby's bed, in addition to paying attention to the location of the bed, you must also note the following points:
Your child's bed should not be placed directly under the horizontal beam of the house.
If your child's bed is placed near a window, you should limit the intensity of light shining on the bed.
Your child's bed should not be placed in the above or below the kitchen or bathroom
The foot of the bed and the bed-head should not be directed towards the door of the room or the bathroom door.
Do not place your child's bed under the stairs.
Do not put the electronic device in your baby's bed-head

4. Child's room layout – Notes:
One of the factors you need to consider when you arrange your child's room that is the safety. Like many other children, your child may be very active and curious. Therefore, there should have protection bars in the window of their room. Objects in the room should not have so many angles, it should have a circular or arc shaped ... When choosing furniture for your child's bedroom, you should choose the clean and green furniture. You should also choose the popular and durable furniture.
Your child's bed should be placed away from shelves, lamps and ropes. If your child is new toddler, you should not let your baby play with these toys can cause nausea.
In the room, wardrobe and shelves must be attached solidly to the wall to avoid danger if the child is clinging and climbing; you should use the secure socket, with lid or placed high above. You should also arrange for the room and roads are lit.

5. Use colors according to Feng Shui for decorating your child's bedroom:
According to Feng Shui, colors are not only regulating the psychological effects but also have a tremendous impact on your child's emotional. Therefore, you need to know the meaning of colors:
Green: the color of peace, it makes people feel calm, very good for digestion, make makes people feel balanced, dispels negativity and negative thoughts. This color is very suitable for decorating your child's room.
Blue: it’s the color can adjust human body, reduce stress. An environment with blue will make people feel relaxed, quiet, this color is also very good as the main color for the child's room. But you should not use a dark color; you should use a blue light one.
Colors have a great influence to child’s character. If your child from 0 to 3 years old, you should use the dominant color, it is very useful for the development of your child's awareness of environment surroundings. If your child is over 3 years old boy, you should choose the red or the blue, also if your child is a girl, you should choose pink, green - gentle colors - to decorate the room.
Like many other children, your children will love the primary and bright colors. These colors will help your child with positive psychology, love life and outspoken personality, bright, vivacious. These colors are very good for your child's development. But you should not combine too many bright colors with each other, thus making your child depressed and not very good for them.

6. Create a space to play in a child's bedroom:
To create a well space to play in the bedroom, should not put too much furniture in it, just allocated a bed, desk chair, and wardrobe and toy cabinet in their bedroom. The remaining area will be used to create a space for children to play.
Children love to draw pictures on the wall, so you should hang a white board for them so they can draw their liking and help children expand their imagination and increased creative possibilities. You can also paint a picture of a fairy tale or cartoon characters that children love to a wall in their bedroom. You can also hang the paintings are colored by them on the walls in the room. That will make your child more interested and more confident.
Heaven does not just appear in the legend or fairy, or from books. The children always bring wonderful things for the family's life with innocent, cute smiles. Child’s bedroom can become a real paradise beside you if you spend a little time and effort to decorate the room according to Feng Shui.
Children today are tomorrow's world; the dear kids are your hope. Therefore, enabling your child to develop all aspects it is also you are seeding for the development of the child, for yourself and the entire society. Nowadays, the design and decoration of child’s bedroom according to Feng Shui means to meet the needs of intellectual development and improve the physical for baby. Your child's room has to achieve the specific requirements than other rooms in your house. Therefore, before designing and decorating your child's room you need to understand the basic principles of Feng Shui to apply. Thus, you will give a wonderful paradise to your child's childhood and your child will grow up as good as you desire.


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