10 ways to decorate beautiful bedrooms

1. Choose color for the wall

Instead of choosing strong colors, you can choose the light color, it will create a sense of peace and it will be the background color for the room. The soft colors like pale blue, purple or green will bring calm and serenity. Colors like brown, pink, yellow feels pleasant and comfortable. Light colors will make the room an open and wide space. 

2. Select a color for the ceiling 

You should paint the ceiling a lighter color than the color of the walls. It will bring comfort and closeness. Some other solution for the ceiling which is the use of wallpaper. Beams, ledges, cornices were painted to decorate. If you enjoy luxurious style, you can use thin sheets of silver to inlaid ceiling. You can decorate the ceiling with crystal chandeliers. 

3. Keep your bedroom simply 

Whatever style you choose, then decorate bedroom look warm, simple, sophisticated and elegant. For ease of movement, you should leave at least 1m between the bed with a side wall or large furniture (cabinet stand), as well as a minimum distance 60cm between the beds and small furniture (desks and cabinets shelves low). 

You should only equipped with a minimum of what is really necessary as a bed, one or two small cabinet or table next to the bed, small closet shelves, and chairs. 

The ornaments should be the minimum, choose a most beautiful picture you have, some family photos, and add a few flowers and candles, that's enough. 

4. Select the appropriate size of furniture 

When you are ready for buying furniture, start with the design and measurement of space in the room. Furniture should be appropriate and fit the room it is placed, and this is especially true for bedroom furniture. 

Should not choose a heavy bed and large closet shelf for a small bedroom. If the ceiling is high, tall cabinet will make the ceiling seem lower. 

If your bedroom is quite large, choose furniture that fits with it. You should put more arm chair or length sofa if the room is empty. Furniture and fixtures too small to be inappropriate 

5. Take advantage of storage space in a maximum 

Let's hide the personal belongings out of sight for space in the bedroom more spacious and airy; this will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable in your room. 

Choose cabinets with wide range drawers so you can store books, creams and reading glasses. If you have very much things and if you need the chamber, please choose a cabinet with many drawers’ shelves. 

Use the storage drawers that you can hide them under beds, or choose a bed with many large drawers underneath to store things (with this type of bed, use bed sheets to cover to the floor, hide the drawer).

To be reached for books and small items easily, you should choose a bed that it has the cabinet in front

Making furniture according designing can help you make the space and the cavity contains a maximum of your discretion.

6. Your own reading corner

Give yourself a special gift that is a quiet corner to sit and read books, or you can lie in a lazy and relaxing all the senses. You will need a comfortable chair placed in the corner with a small chair to keep your legs, or romance, you can put a long and comfortable chair just below the window sill to watch the scene outside and took the natural light.

7. Choose the best fabric for the bedroom

Please use the fabrics beautiful and best for your bedroom, because it brings comfort, comfort and relaxation for body and spirit. Cotton linen is the first choice of the leading hotels, so you can also choose it for your cozy room. Do not choose the fabrics of synthetic fibers because they do irritating to the skin and not escape the sweat. It is best to choose silk, wool, fine wool (for winter) and soft carpets.

8. Decorated window

The decorative frame around the window just as you are playing a lovely frame for a fresh scene outside, it also lets you add paint color, texture and softness to the room. If you love the soft light through the thin curtain, let's combine it with thick roller blinds to maintain privacy at night and keep strong sunlight during the day.

With these types of blinds out, choose opaque fabrics or have liners to prevent extra light when you want to sleep later in the morning.

9. Lighting layout flexibility

It would be great if you clear classification for the lighting in the bedroom: lighting the entire room, a small lamp to focus light for reading.

To focus light for reading, select the type of lamp placed beside the bed where it can pivot to easily adjust the light suit your needs. Lights in the room should have a button control and a separate switch so you have the flexibility to light the area you want.

10. Let your bedroom a true getaway

Do not bring your phone, mobile devices, computers, TV and treadmill in the bedroom, make yourself a really quiet space to relax and restore energy. You will love having a room just for sleeping, reading and romantic moments.
There may be many ways to decorate beautiful bedrooms. These are just some suggestions to help you decorate beautiful bedrooms.


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  2. These are the most exciting idea to decorate my bedroom that I have been trying to do from a while. Before reading this post I was not having idea about decorating my room.

  3. Reading your post makes me wonder how I have been staying in a bed room that can be much better if following your suggestions. I totally agree that a bed room is a place to escape from all the daily trouble and problems to have some quality time for ourselves. I definitely take your advice to plan for a make over of my bed room. Thanks for sharing.

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