5 steps to decorate a small room impression

To decorate a room is really impressive; you should consult the following tips:

The room has not decorated yet

Step 1: Add color to a room more lively

Color is very important for first impression of you. Change the color of the walls is one of the basic ways to create a new image. When choosing colors for your room, you should pay attention to the characteristics (location, area, and light, time) to select the appropriate color.

This room has large windows, it is surrounded by high rise buildings (this is the common case), so the traffic light into the room not as much as you want. In this case, yellow is the best choice to create a feeling of bright, warm for room when winter is coming.

Step 2: Choose colors and patterns for furniture

To create beautiful harmony to the room, you should not choose an arbitrary furniture that you should pay attention to the compatibility of them with each other and with the overall space

A few basic principles when choosing colors and patterns for furniture

The size of the furniture should correspond to the area of ​​the room. With the small area of ​​the room as this room, you should select the furniture has small size, ease of use.

The color of the furniture that it is the largest size is the main color of the furniture in the room.

The color of the other furniture that is smaller than would be selected in accordance with the main color and your liking. It could be colors, patterns, motifs similar to create the style of the room, but it can also be the color contrast, the difference will be accentuated and personality. The striped and circle pattern "tone sur tone" will be selected in conjunction with the uniform color.

Decorations should also harmonize with the general, not be too focused on number of furniture. So easy to fall into fanfare and it may lose the harmonious beauty of the room.

Step 3: Create a new vitality to the window frame

Window frames are very important in bringing light into the room, it creates the airy room and it affects the overall beauty. Simply by replacing the curtain make window frames become new and vibrant. When choosing curtains, you should pay attention to color, material and time.

In cool weather of autumn, the thin curtain has bright colors will bring light and air into the room more easily.

Step 4: Display Space

This is an indispensable space in the living room. It can be as simple as some walls with paintings, a small table with vases of flowers and photos.

A cabinet is where you can put small decorations will make your room more impressive.

Step 5: Complete the room

After completion of the placement of the furniture, please complete the room with other items such as reading lamps, pillows, vase...

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  1. By using your ideas I have been able to get a whole new look of my living room that I have been willing to renovate from a while. I think that it is a good idea to make some changes after some time.